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Automated Teller Machines are the best tool to manage cash servicing that eliminates the requirement for a dedicated person in disbursing cash. In the the last couple of decades, the adaption of the machines have evolved from pure dispensing into cash accept, recycling and other self-service functions.

Payment Gateway

CTI’s payment gateway primarily handles the orchestration of fund movements within the organization and across different financial services providers via API. It supports handling of local network messaging such as BancNet, Instapay, PesoNet, among


CTI’s Agency banking platform enables electronic payments involving electronic funds transfers through payment cards such as debit or credit cards. It also supports cardless transactions via QR codes.

EFT Switch

The Millennium Hub is a Windows Server-based ATM Switch system that allows the bank to provide 24-hour banking through different channels like ATM, Kiosk and EFTPOS transactions.


Hardware Security Module is the industry standard encryption component that are being used by major banks around the world. CTI provides 80% of the HSMs in the country mostly to handle PIN encryption for bank customers in the Philippines.

Customer Loyalty Program

A loyalty system that can reward customers with tailored services including VIP handling for those that supports your business. It also enables customer profiling that ensures that services can be personalized.

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Channel Group

A combination of Channel Group’s products allows the local governments to provide an electronic means in its distribution of cash across its constituents.

With the use of Digital Wallets, QR codes and Cardless ATMs, self-service facilities distributed at the barangay level, enables the efficient distribution of grants giving access to funds 24/7. It reduces the manpower requirement to facilitate the distribution which will improve the overall experience of the payees.

The solution can also significantly reduce the cost to both the LGU and the recipients.

Channel Digital Banking Platform is the flagship product that enables organizations to facilitate financial services via personal mobile devices or through agents. The solution comes with agent/merchant management, digital wallet and built-in integration capability allowing interoperability with other delivery channels.

It is a perfect for institutions who offers financial services without having to build brick and mortar branches yet can leverage their services through partners and reach the last mile recipients.

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CTI aims to be the trusted partner when it comes to the development of technological solutions for retail and banking institutions. We do this by working closely with the companies we serve, fully understanding their business goals and creating products & services to help them attain their objectives. At the same time providing a good working environment for our employees by giving them opportunity of growth and satisfaction in the workplace.

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