Channel Technologies Inc.

Channel Group was engaged to supply ATMsmPOS and lead the integration with core banking system for agency banking solution. The implementation was across several of its subsidiaries using shared and independent platforms. Some transactions goes through their existing ATM switch while digital transactions goes via microservices. ​​

Several banks in the country already instituted Vendor and S.I approach in implementing their mission critical systems. This is part of ensuring business continuity and mitigating the risk of on having a single choke point for long term and ad-hoc requirements.​

The private universal bank acquired a core banking system from a top tier foreign vendor and awarded Channel Group to implement the core banking together with the CBS vendor. The integration scope covers the bank-wide integration of all technology systems that need to be connected, interfaced and integrated aimed at consolidating all information already available in existing systems for use by the all of the bank’s operations and management stakeholders​