Channel Technologies Inc.

Digital Payment Solution

Channel Digital Banking Platform is the flagship product that enables organizations to facilitate financial services via personal mobile devices or through agents. The solution comes with agent/merchant management, digital wallet and built-in integration capability allowing interoperability with other delivery channels.

It is a perfect for institutions who offers financial services without having to build brick and mortar branches yet can leverage their services through partners and reach the last mile recipients.

Channel Digital Wallet

A backend system that manages the wallet accounts, as well as processes the authorization of transactions by these accounts.

Channel Remittance

A secure remittance software used for remittance and claim transactions.

Merchant Onboarding

A web application for use of the bank for the management of merchants, terminals, transaction fees and commissions, and the creation of Digital Wallet account for the merchant.

Merchant Portal

A web application for use of the merchant for the management of his Digital Wallet account and terminals. Management of account includes the transfer of funds from his account with the bank to his Digital Wallet account, transfer of funds from his Digital Wallet account to another merchant’s Digital Wallet account, as well as the funding of his terminal accounts.

Channel Payment Mobile

An android mobile application that serves as a secure transaction channel for inquiry, cash-in, cash-out, and claim of remittance transaction.

Channel Digital Banking System

A middleware application that connects the different transaction channels with the Channel Digital Wallet, Channel Remittance System, and MOP.  Transaction channels may be EFT-POS terminals, ATMs, and Channel Payment Mobile.

health card

Health Card

CTI also offers an LGU focused health care system that allows real-time monitoring of locally provisioned health cards for its indigent constituent.

It aims to address the challenges in handling over-availment brought about by a decentralized and manual process of recording. It can also help in profiling based on the actual member’s usage which will eventually provide data to tailor government services on where the most meaningful impact can be applied..